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About Us

From today, we are building tomarrow...​

Our company was established in Ankara in 1981 as a traditional family company. Its main field of activity is the production of tahini and sesame, however, it exports and imports various foodstuffs. Our company, which stepped in construction sector in 2005, realizes its 10th project with Fırat Life Style.

A qualified and prestigious life…

Our company which adopts the principleds of presenting service at international quality standards and keeping customer satisfaction as top priority. Our most important goal is to add added value to the sector in line with our innovative understanding and knowledge and accumulation we have.

The new silhouette of the city ...

In the light of universal values, our company has grown continuously and balanced with the experience of being a well-established company and the importance it attributes to developing new projects and contributes to its sector within the framework of ethical values.